• We strive to make our customers happy

    As a team we have a long track record of delivering
    successful HR solutions on an international basis


What Makes us Special?

Global HR is a software company specialising in business applications for Human Resources Management (HRM). Our platforms are delivered exclusively via the Internet (SaaS) and are designed for companies of all sizes.

We’ve always believed that our competitors could never emulate the passion we have for our business and the fact that we only care about one thing; client satisfaction.

Our employees work in what we call a ‘Culture of Innovation’. This incredibly creative approach to working has brought us some of the best ideas we’ve ever seen, and we’re proud of what we’ve built. It all started with our company philosophy, which is clearly outlined in our employee handbook.

As a team we have a long track record of delivering successful HR solutions on an international basis; first as client/server, then across the web, and now from the Cloud. We’ve worked with companies across every business sector and of every size, including some of the world’s largest, and most demanding organisations.


What we think


HR has the power to solve or improve 95% of business issues. That’s why we believe HR professionals should be considered strategic business partners, instead of disconnected paper-pushers.


We believe HR processes should be flexible enough to cater for the demands of an ever-growing workforce – and that means scalable technology designed for a modern age of mobile technology.


Human Resources is constantly buffeted with red tape and legislation changes. In our experience, the best HR professionals are those who continue to develop their industry knowledge and expertise.


Great HR departments should be a company resource – not a drain on company resources. That’s why we developed our HR software to be affordable and easy-to-use with no need for internal I.T. support.


Many people see Human Resources as a dull, admin-heavy industry. We think otherwise. Just because HR professionals have a tough job to do, why shouldn’t they find a way to have fun doing it?


Human Resources would not exist if your company did not employ people. That’s why we believe HR should focus less on time-consuming paperwork, and focus more on the people that make your company tick.

Why Global HR

Global HR is a web based platform that manages employee data and the main processes they are involved in. It stores personal data, roles and competencies providing the necessary features to handle performance evaluations and corporate learning management.

Security and Uptime

Our average uptime has been 99.997%. We directly engineer and maintain our multiply redundant infrastructure and this is what enables us to reach these industry leading results. Security is built into our products at both the infrastructure and application layers ensuring compliance of the strictest regulatory standards and enabling ne grained data access control for our users.


Global HR is an integrated talent management platform that enables organisations to manage HR processes from the Career site to performance evaluation. Attract, search, screen, interview, hire, promote, assess, train and evaluate all in one single integrated environment.


We believe that complex problems can be handled in a clean and simple way. Global HR is built around this principle ensuring that our users are up and running as quickly as possible and maximising the adoption of our solutions in the organisation.



We believe that the quality of the service our clients receive is a key ingredient of our overall offering. The quality of service begins with the stability and reliability of our software solutions and continues through to our consultancy and our help desk. We guarantee a 48 hour response time to our customers queries and access to a second level specialist. Our extremely high level of customer retention and satisfaction are a testament to our commitment to our top quality service.


Global HR offers a complete suite of tools to manage all HR processes, that can be purchased and used independently and are able to communicate perfectly with each other and with other software.

  • Global HR Recruiting to handle the entire recruiting process.
  • Global HR Employees to manage employees data.
  • Global HR Learning to organise the training process.
  • Global HR Performance to monitor all evaluations.

The feature set of our HRM software adapts to the needs of both small businesses and large, complex multinationals.

Delivered through the Internet. No Software to install and no IT involvement.


Global HR’s HRM SaaS solution is not just about having a web based interface. We have engineered our services to enable our customers to independently make any change they want: create new fields, add items to list, customise the graphic layout and much more.